The Really, Really, Really Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Family Tree
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Family History UK recommends this book

As a hobby, researching genealogy and family history can be fun, rewarding and compelling and these days, everyone seems to want to know about the origins of their family. With recent programmes such as the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? and the latest statistics revealing that about 10 million Britons have used the Internet to research their family history, the trend for tracing ancestral roots back into the past is huge and expanding all the time all over the world.

For the 60% of Britons interested in tracing their family tree, it is not always easy to know where to start with the wealth of information available gathered but this book teaches anyone beginning to investigate their genealogy how to gather and record data, how to download and use free forms, charts and genealogy computer software as well as ways of searching Internet resources and exchanging knowledge online. 

The book assumes no prior knowledge of the subject and, with its step-by-step procedures and accompanying screenshots it is perfect for anyone creating a family tree from the very beginning or for those wanting to convert an old tree to an easily updated computer one. 

Uncovering all those family secrets using the computer is simple with this comprehensive guide!

We at Family History UK really recommend this book to everyone researching their own Family History. For further information please follow this link.


by Gavin Hoole and Cheryl Smith

Published by New Holland Publishers UK

Available in all good shops now in paperback priced £6.99. -

UPDATE: Now at a special offer of £5.24. - Get it now!