Top Ten Worst Selling Genealogy Books
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  • 10. Ten Easy Steps to Making Your Own Coffin
  • 9. The Fine Art of Graveyard Maintenance
  • 8. Genealogy Sourcerybook - Trace your ancestors using spells, potions, and incantations.
  • 7. HairNetting Your Ancestors - How to dress your deceased loved one for those post mortem photos.
  • 6. The Dead Book - Everything you wanted to know about dead people but were afraid to ask.
  • 5. In Search Of Your Canadian Ruts - Or does your Canadian family follow a seasonal mating ritual?
  • 4. The Complete Guide to Erasing Your Family Tree - Or how to survive in the witness protection program.
  • 3. The Family Tree Defective - Tracing your crazy relatives
  • 2. Cyndi's Lisp - Family History research using those recessive genes.

And the number one Worst Selling Genealogy Book:


  • 1. DNA Diggin' - Use of the Shovel in obtaining DNA samples.

You got to laugh have't you!