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On June 04, 1946
Ernst Leonard Lindelöf, Finnish mathematician who pioneered solutions for differential equations, died.
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Visit and you’ll find an online channel that is fast finding its feet. The sites aim is to provide fascinating programmes for family historians. Choose which TV programme you’re interested in watching, wait for it to load – sit back, relax and enjoy - nearly like watching your own TV!

The site currently contains mostly US-based content, and you can watch short, bite-sized segments or settle back and see the entire programme. Featuring at the moment is a press conference about the first emigrant passing through Ellis Island, but there are also shorts with commentaries by American genealogists. There are also VLogs, Video Logs, which are mini channels. It really needs some British content. Still, most of the content is currently free and the site’s owners would like to keep it that way.

Once you’ve watched the shows you’re interested in, you can join in the online blog on the site or share your video talents by sending in a video blog to the vlog section.

If you do visit and / or contribute, let us know your thoughts and comnments

from Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter.

Quote from roots TV:

We’ve been perplexed for a long time. These days, there’s a horse channel, a wine channel, a sailing channel, a poker channel, a guitar channel, and even a shipwreck channel. So why, we wondered, isn’t there a channel servicing the millions of people interested in genealogy and family history? After all, there are many that claim that tracing roots is the second most popular hobby out there.

Well, now there’s a channel for us. Roots Television™ is by and for avid genealogists and family history lovers of all stripes. Whether you’re an archives hound, a scrapbooker, a cousin collector, a roots-travel enthusiast, a Civil War re-enactor, a DNA fan, a reunion instigator, a sepia-toned photos zealot, an Internet-junkie, a history buff, an old country traditions follower, a cemetery devotee, a story-teller, a multicultural food aficionado, a flea market and antiques fanatic, a family documentarian, a nostalgia nut, or a mystery-solver, Roots Television™ has something for you -- and that “something” is quality programming.

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