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On August 11, 1950
Steve Wozniak, cofounder Apple Computer, Born.
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Census Returns:

Censuses have been taken in the every 10 years since 1801, the only exception in 1941 during World War II. The early ones were only basically head-counts of each house, but from 1841 they are a most useful and cheap source of genealogical information and research.

The census returns are subject to a 100-year closure rule, so, at the present moment, we are only able to view those for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and lately the 1901 census.
Midnight. Sun/Mon. 6/7th June 1841 Midnight.

Sun/Mon. 30/31st March 1851 Midnight.

Sun/Mon. 7/8th April 1861 Midnight.

Sun/Mon. 2/3rd April 1871 Midnight.

Sun/Mon. 3/4th April 1881 Midnight.

Sun/Mon. 5/6th April 1891 Midnight.

Sun/Mon. 31/1st March / April 1901 Midnight.

Sun/Mon. 2/3rd April 1911 Midnight. *

Sun/Mon. 19/20th June 1921 Midnight. *

Sun/Mon. 26/27th April 1931 (Destroyed in W.W. II)

There was no Census taken in 1941

* = 100 Year Closure

From the census returns you are able to learn the names, addresses, ages and relationships of your ancestors, plus occupations and places of birth. You may be able to link family mambers - brothers, sisters, uncles etc. Once you are able to get into the period covering the census returns, your family history will really start to come alive!

Further census information & Links:

10 Mar 1801 No longer exists, with a few exceptions
27 May 1811 No longer exists, with a few exceptions
28 May 1821 No longer exists, with a few exceptions
30 May 1831 No longer exists, with a few exceptions

7 June 1841 Few local indexes exist - see GENUKI county pages
30 March 1851 Many local indexes exist - see GENUKI county pages
7 April 1861 Few local indexes exist - see GENUKI county pages
2 April 1871 Few local indexes exist - see GENUKI county pages
3 April 1881 National index available online at LDS
5 April 1891 Few local indexes exist - see GENUKI county pages
31 March 1901 National index available online - Pro Guv
2 April 1911 100 year closure - will be opened 1st January 2012 - **If you want to help to obtain early release of the 1911 - go here to help
19 June 1921 100 year closure
26 April 1931 Destroyed during WW2
29 September 1939 WW2 National Registration - 100 year closure
8 April 1951 100 year closure
23 April 1961 100 year closure
25 April 1971 100 year closure
5 April 1981 100 year closure
21 April 1991 100 year closure
29 April 2001 100 year closure
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