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On January 30, 1938
Boris Spassky, Russian chess champion, was born.
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Helliwell - Lanarkshire
Date(s) : 1915
morgan - Ireland
Date(s) : 1770 to 1850
Fromwell - Lancashire
Date(s) : 1800-1855
Osborne - England
Date(s) : 1925 to 2020
Blackwell - England
Date(s) : 1860
broadbent - Other Country
Date(s) : 1900 to 2020
De Graaff or DeGraaff - All England
Date(s) : 1850 to 1900
Powles - All England
Date(s) : 1850 to 1900
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Other Country
H : Scotland > Lanarkshire
Helliwell Friday, 30 April 2021
Looking for information on John Farrer Helliwell. He is the father of my Uncle Frederick Jellicoe Helliwell, who was born June 28, 1915, Mill House Farm, Cadley, Fulwood U. D. John was married to Elizabeth "Roberts" Helliwell, her maiden name was Boyle.
Date(s): 1915 Contact: <strong>Contact Wanted Name Advertiser</strong>
M : Ireland
morgan Tuesday, 27 April 2021
I am trying to find parentage for Hugh Morgan and Mary McCartan of Dromore, Drumgath
Date(s): 1770 to 1850 Contact: <strong>Contact Wanted Name Advertiser</strong>
F : England > Lancashire
Fromwell Wednesday, 24 February 2021
Martha Fromwell married Evan Humphrey and emigrated to USA or Canada about 1850, she had a child in Nova Scotia in 1854. would like any information on her and any ancestors
Date(s): 1800-1855 Contact: <strong>Contact Wanted Name Advertiser</strong>
O : England
Osborne Saturday, 20 February 2021
Born 1925 or 1926 in isle of wight, england First name (s) Peter George Henry Denis Married in Australia1954 & had child in Australia 1956 but no records can be found past that
Date(s): 1925 to 2020 Contact: <strong>Contact Wanted Name Advertiser</strong>
B : England
Blackwell Monday, 08 February 2021
born in Leeds, married Thomas James Lyon, born 1858 in Leeds
Date(s): 1860 Contact: <strong>Contact Wanted Name Advertiser</strong>
B : Other Country
broadbent Monday, 08 February 2021
origionaly from boston spa, west yorkshire, engaland and also bramham west yorkshire england
Date(s): 1900 to 2020 Contact: <strong>Contact Wanted Name Advertiser</strong>
D : England > All England
De Graaff or DeGraaff Monday, 08 February 2021
He is either Peter or John De Graaff. His daughter's marriage certificate has him as John. But his own marriage certificate he calls himself Peter but it looks like he has signed it PJ De Graaff. This is Liverpool UK 1853. On free BMD I have found his marriage registration where he also call himself Peter and his intended is Hannah Elizabeth Sharples. His wife Hannah (Anne or Ann) married again in 1864 saying Widow, but, I cannot find any death certificate for Peter/John De Graaff. His daughter is Hendrina De Graaff born 1854 (Peter De Graaff registered her birth calling himself Peter and the mother Ann) and she married Edward Fletcher Derby in 1878. All of this occuring in Liverpool between 1850 and 1864. Basically there is no trace of him following the registration of his daughter's birth in 1854. He claims to have been a Mariner. Maybe he is from Netherlands as both his surname and his daughter's name seem from that part. I hope you can help me. Thank you Amanda
Date(s): 1850 to 1900 Contact: <strong>Contact Wanted Name Advertiser</strong>
P : England > All England
Powles Friday, 05 February 2021
lived border Wostershire and Staffordshire
Date(s): 1850 to 1900 Contact: <strong>Contact Wanted Name Advertiser</strong>

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