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Saturday, 21 October 2017
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On October 21, 1833
Alfred Nobel, Swedish industrialist, was born.
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Today in History
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BARRETT Friday, 08 October 2010
Hi there, Researching my g g g grandfather, Richard Barrett from Forden, Montgomeryshire, Wales, and his family. My great Uncle has told me Richard was widowed with one child when he was convicted. I have found no proof of this as I haven't even found much about my grandfather, excepting what is written below. Wales Crime & Punishment Registers have two entries for him. 1. Richard Barrett, Forden Montgomeryshire, Labourer; Location & Date of Trial, 6 Jun 1829 Forden Montg'shre; Offence, Theft of a pig from prisoners brother (Prosecutor; George Barrett). Pig recovered in Shrewsbury Fair. Prisoner aged 30. Guilty verdict.The prisoner being sentenced to transportation twice, once sentence to commence on the expiration of the other. Document No. 14 (See no. 15). File No. 4/203/4 Transported for 7 years, 14 in total. Just one month later... 2. Richard Barrett Forden Montg'shre, Labourer. Location & Date of Trial, Buttington, Montg'shre on the 4 Jul 182; Prosecutor, James Gwillam, Welshpool; Guilty verdict; Offence: Breaking and entering prosecutor's house and stealing wearing apparel therefrom. Prisoner aged 30 yrs. The prisoner, being sentenced to transportation twice, one sentence to commence on the expiration of the other. See no. 14 in this file. Transported for 7 years. Document no 15. File no. 4/203/4. I have also found a record in the Wales Crime and Punishment, for Thomas Barrett, Forden Montg'shre, Labourer; Trial Location & Date, Forden, Montg'shre 19 Feb 1803; Prosecutor, William Pryce, Forden, gent; Offence: Theft of a sheep. Prisoner of 'bad character'. Plea, Not Guilty; Verdict, Not Guilty. Document no. 3; File no. 4/197/5. Don't know if this person of 'bad character' is related to Richard or not. Perhaps he is not related at all and I am just thinking they are connected because of their love for medium size farm animals! Don't know. If anyone has any information on Richard or his family, I would be forever greatful. Thankyou, Debb. (Newbie)
Date(s): abt 1797 - 1830 Contact: <strong>Contact Wanted Name Advertiser</strong>
Thomas Tuesday, 18 May 2010
I am interested in the family of Dora May Thomas (1894-1978) and her sister, Nell, and brother, Chetwynd Thomas (1896-?). Their mother was Elizabeth Richard. I have no name for the father. Dora and Chetwynd were born in Llanfair Caereinion near Welshpool.
Date(s): 1850-1920 Contact: <strong>Contact Wanted Name Advertiser</strong>
Williams Saturday, 10 April 2010
Harold R S Williams was born in Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, Wales, then lived in Swindon. His census records show him as having lived in Swindon from 1901.
Date(s): Born 1878-1879 Contact: <strong>Contact Wanted Name Advertiser</strong>
haines Friday, 05 February 2010
william richard, sibling beatrice,
Date(s): 1880 Contact: <strong>Contact Wanted Name Advertiser</strong>

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